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Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Duck Decoy No Head Feeder

$ 44.95

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Suitable for virtually any hunter, the Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Duck Decoy has been designed to be a realistic looking approach to lure your prey. A highly effective hunting decoy is an effective method to make certain you have a productive day of hunting. And thanks to the Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Duck Decoy, having access to a superior quality hunting decoy hasn't ever been more cost-effective. These Decoys from the experienced hunters at Greenhead Gear are manufactured using the varieties of long lasting and reliable components you have come to expect from this notable supplier. Greenhead Gear has been a star within the hunting community for a very long time, and the Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Duck Decoy is the result of their dedication to making certain hunters have some of the best decoys to choose from. In case you are needing a decoy that can transform your hunting outings, choose the Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Duck Decoy.

Condition: NEW
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No Head Feeder pair

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