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Henry Repeating Arms Octagon Model H001TV Lever Action Rimfire Rifle .17 HMR 20" Octagon Barrel 11 Rounds American Walnut Stock Blued Finish

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Like stagecoaches, swinging saloon doors and Pony Express riders, there are many innovations of the Old West that have long faded from use and live on only in Western movies and history books. But there are still a few frontier staples that were so effective and ahead of their time that they remain in use today. Take, for instance, the intimidating octagonal barrels commonly found on the repeating rifles of that period. These heavy-duty workhorses sported added mass and extra weight to aid in heat absorption, making them the forerunners to the bull barrels used on modern target and varmint rifles.

So as a tip of our Stetson in honor of this timeless barrel style, we replaced the standard round barrel normally used on our world-famous .22 LR and .22 Magnum rifles with a classic 20" octagonal model, like those favored by the cowpunchers, lawmen, homesteaders, and outlaws who blazed the trail westward across America. We rounded out this traditional look with an easy-to-adjust Marbles semi-buckhorn rear sight with a diamond insert and a highly visible brass beaded front s ight seated in standard 3/8" dovetail slots. A metal barrel band secures both the barrel and the high-capacity tubular magazine to the high grade American walnut stock.

If you prefer a more modern look, the receiver is grooved so you can top off any rifle in this line with your choice of scopes. Both the stock and forearm are crafted of the same richly grained hand-finished American walnut typically found on rifles costing up to three times as much.

Condition: NEW
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  • Specifications and features:
  • Henry Repeating Arms Octagon Model H001TV Lever Action Rimfire Rifle
  • .17 HMR
  • 20" blued octagon barrel
  • 11 round tube magazine
  • Single stage trigger
  • Hammer safety
  • Side ejection
  • Blued steel receiver with grooves for supplied scope mount
  • Marbles fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear, with reversible white diamond insert and brass beaded front sight
  • American walnut stock with straight grip
  • 38.5" overall length
  • 6.25 lbs unloaded
  • Made in the USA

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