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Lee Precision Auto-Disc Powder Measure with Charge Disks 90578

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Lee Precision's Auto-Disc Powder Measure automatically dispenses charges more uniformly than any other powder measure. The case itself actuates the measure as the neck is being flared. The measure is actuated during the presses maximum mechanical advantage. This assures the smooth, even action of the measure. Built-in baffle and precisely molded, glass reinforced charge disks contribute to the charge uniformity. Four disks included, with six cavities per disk for a total of 24 cavities. Also included is a chart that lists capacity of each cavity with each type of powder. To use the Auto-Disc Powder Measure on the Lee Classic Turret Press, remember to also order the Auto-Disk Riser (not included) for proper fit and operation.

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Lee Precision Auto-Disk Powder Measure 90578

Automatically dispenses charges
Built in baffle
Precision molded
Glass reinforced charge disks
Includes four disks
4 disks to adjust your charges with:Disk A = .30 to .43 cc 
Disk B = .46 to .66 cc 
Disk C = .71 to 1.02 cc 
Disk D = 1.09 to 1.57 cc

The Auto-Disc Powder Measure was designed primarily to reload handgun cases. 
For use with the Powder Through Expanding Die, Short Charging Die and Large Charging Die. 
To use the Lee Auto-Disc Powder Measure on the Lee Classic Turret Press requires the addition of the Lee Auto-Disk Riser (Not Included) 

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