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Ozonics HR200 Scent Elimination Device

$ 420.95

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The Ozonics HR-200 Boost Scent Elimination Device has you covered, whether you're hunting from a blind, tree stand, or in the field. These Camping Gear by Ozonics feature a patented field dispersal system that uses the unstable molecular structure of ozone that binds with scent molecules to make them indistinguishable. The Ozonics HR300 Blind Scent Elimination Device technology changes ordinary oxygen into ozone than projects that ozone downwind to provide continual scent elimination through your hunt, and has two output levels for maximum efficiency. For a scent eliminator that will render you scentless, choose the Ozonics HR-300 Molecular Scent Elimination Device.

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Categories: Scent Control, Scent Control
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  • Patented in-the-field ozone generator molecularly transforms and destroys human scent by altering the human scent code, rendering it unrecognizable to deer and other big game
  • Silent on/off operation at the touch of a button
  • Quiet built-in fan projects odor-destroying ozone over your scent zone
  • Features two levels of ozone output for blind hunting and treestand hunting (boost mode)
  • Built-in green utility lights illuminate without alerting nearby game
  • Built-in battery indicator shows current battery life left based on mode usage

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