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Remington Model 700 LSS Ultimate Muzzleloader Black Powder Rifle .50 Caliber

$ 860

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Unleash ultimate magnum loads with the Model 700 LSS from Remington. This muzzle loading rifle can handle ultra magnum charges of up to 200 grains, resulting in 300 yard performance. The reliable U.M.L. ignition system uses primed centerfire brass with a Remington 9 1/2 magnum rifle primer for maximum burn and efficiency. The Model 700 series has for years been the standard for centerfire rifles. Now, Remington raises the bar for black powder, making "modern" inline guns seem primitive.

Condition: NEW
Categories: Rifles, Muzzleloaders, Rifles, Muzzleloaders
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  • .50 caliber
  • Muzzle loading black powder rifle
  • 26" fluted stainless steel barrel
  • 1:26" twist
  • U.M.L. ignition system
  • Accepts magnum loads up to 200 grains
  • X-Mark-Pro adjustable trigger
  • Synthetic with primed case storage
  • Overall length 47"
  • Weight 8.5 lbs
  • Stainless steel

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