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SightMark Laser Bore Sight, .300 WSM Short Mag

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The SightMark Laser Bore Sight, .300 WSM Short Mag, SM39010 Caliber: .300 Winchester Short Magnum, Included Accessories: Battery pack/Carrying case, Fabric/Material: Brass, Attachment/Mount Type: Chamber, Battery Type: AG3, AG5, Finish: Brass, Beam Color: Red, Condition: New, Battery Quantity: 3.

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Condition: NEW
Categories: Lights & Lasers
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  1. Caliber .300 Winchester Short Magnum
  2. Included Accessories Battery pack/Carrying case
  3. Fabric/Material Brass
  4. Attachment/Mount Type Chamber
  5. Battery Type AG3, AG5
  6. Finish Brass
  7. Beam Color Red
  8. Condition New
  9. Battery Quantity 3

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