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Sightmark Chamber Red Laser Bore Sight For .308, .243, 7.62x54

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The Sightmark Chamber Red Laser Bore Sight is easy to insert and remove, and the fastest gun zeroing and bore sighting system there is. Once placed in the chamber of the firearm, the red laser dot appears exactly where the barrel is pointed, allowing the weapon sights to be adjusted to the theoretical impact point. Save money and ammunition-live fire is only needed to fine tune for bullet drop and windage compensation.

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  1. Features and Specifications:
  2. Laser Wavelength/Color: 632-650 nm (Red)
  3. Laser Output: Less Than 5 mw
  4. Sighting Range: 15-100 yds
  5. Dot Size: 2 MOA
  6. Activation: On/Off End Cap
  7. Material: Brass Construction
  8. Operating Temperature: 15 F To 120 F
  9. Battery Type: (2) AG5 Or (3) AG3
  10. Battery Life: 1 hr
  11. Includes Carrying Case And Instructions
  12. Fits:
  13. The following caliber guns:
  14. .243 Winchester
  15. .308 Winchester
  16. 7.62x54

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