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Stealth Cam STC-12VSOL Digital Camera Accessories

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The Stealth Cam 12v Econ Solar Panel brought to you by GSM outdoors is the ideal addition to your Stealth Cam 12v Battery Box. It extends the life of your external battery back-up and gives you more time between checks, so you don't disturb your hunting grounds as frequently. The panel efficiently charges your battery in all weather conditions, including cloudy days. With maintenance free operation it prevents the natural drain on your battery over time. Easy to mount, it installs in minutes. Light and compact you'll get more use from your game cam external battery with the Stealth Cam 12v Econ Solar Panel.

Condition: NEW
Categories: Trail Cameras
Product SKU: 888151013434


  • GSM Outdoors Stealth Cam 12v Econ Solar Panel STC-12VSOL
  • 12v Solar Panel Battery Charger
  • Maintenance Free Operation
  • Charges In All Weather Conditions
  • Prevents Natural Battery Drain
  • Installs In Minutes
  • Permanent or Semi-Permanent Mounting
  • Maximum Charge 2w/100mAh per Hour
  • Size: 7.7"x5.6"x1.6"
  • Weight 1.2 lbs

Fits: Stealth Cam 12v Battery Box 12VBB

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