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Taurus Judge Double Action Revolver .45 Long Colt/.410 Bore

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The Taurus Judge is one of the most popular modern double action revolvers on the market today. With the capability to chamber either a .410 Shotshell or a .45 Long Colt cartrdge you have a solution for just about any self defense scenario. Additionally the judge makes an incredible pest control firearm around the ranch or the farm. Just having the ability to utilize a .410 shotshell in a compact package that you can carry on your hip is a game changer for most people. The Taurus Judge is the one decision maker that always lays down the law!.

Condition: NEW
Categories: Handguns, Revolvers, Caliber, 45 Long Colt
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  • Taurus Judge Double Action Revolver 2-441031T
  • .45 Long Colt/.410 Bore
  • 2.5" Chamber (accepts up to 2.5" .410 Shotshells)
  • 3" Barrel
  • 1:12" Twist Rate
  • Right Turn Groove Rifling, 6 Grooves
  • 5 Round Cylinder
  • Double Action/Single Action Operation
  • Rubber Taurus "Ribber" Black Grip
  • Compact Frame
  • Red Fiber Optic Front Fixed Sight
  • Fixed Rear Sight
  • Smooth Trigger Type
  • Taurus Security System/Transfer Bar Safety System
  • Overall Width 1.5"
  • Overall Height 5.1"
  • Overall Length 9.5"
  • Overall Weight 29oz
  • Matte Black Finish

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