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TR Imports SE122 Tactical Cerakote 12 Ga, Door-Buster Brake, Quad Rail, 2X5rd Mags

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Built on the SE122 frame, the SE122 Tactical shares important characteristics, including a strong but sensitive gas system that cycles reliably with a wide range of loads, and an action bar milled from solid steel. In addition, the SE122TAC features an ingenious, self-adjusting gas valve. For extremely heavy loads, excess gas pressure is vented forward and diffused. For light loads, the valve remains fully closed, making all available gas pressure available for reliable cycling. The result is a versatile gas system, assuring reliable operation with the full range of commercial 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells.

Condition: NEW
Categories: Shotguns, Caliber, 12 Gauge
Product SKU: 812052024213


SKU: 812052024213 Brand TR Imports Manufacturer Number:SE122TACB Caliber:12 Gauge Model:TR Imports SE122 Rounds:5 Classification:Firearm Interest:Home Defense Guns

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