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Tru Ball Archery Fang GS Release Buckle, Black, Large

$ 129.95 $ 97.95

In Stock only at Evansville

The Fang GS is a superior ergonomical hook style release, featuring a rubber insert in the trigger for improved feel.

Condition: NEW
Categories: Bow Releases, Bow Releases
Product SKU: 611254014486


There are two trigger options included in each package; a straight trigger for more draw/speed and a relaxed trigger for greater comfort. The Fang GS also features a superior 2 screw trigger sensitivity setting, provided by a trigger travel adjustment screw, and a separate trigger pressure setting screw with your choice of included varied weight springs. A red anodized hook and trigger create a classy look.


2 triggers included

2 sensitivity adjustment springs for lighter or heavier trigger feel

Tucks away easily in sleeve when not in use

Rubber insert in the trigger for improved feel

Globo-Swivel solid aluminum connector for greater durability

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